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  • 1 ½ c. flour*
  • Dash of salt
  • 3/8 c. olive oil
  • 4-6 T. cold water

*Einkorn flour

  • 80 g. whole Einkorn flour
  • 126 g. whilte Einkorn flour
  • 1/4 c. olive oil
  • 3-4 T. cold water


  1. Mix flour, salt, and oil together with fork until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Add water all at once and mix until well blended.
  3. Pat into a circular disk and roll out between 2 sheets of wax paper.

Note: To pre-bake crust: Thoroughly prick. Bake in pre-heated 350° oven for about 15 minutes. Cool; fill with desired filling.

Servings: Makes one 9 inch crust.